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Weatherpictures is located near the Powys Village of Painscastle Wales .Photographs are also taken in the adjoining areas of Clyro , Llandrindod Wells , Builth Wells &Brecon If you require specific info on any photo please E mail

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Please allow a little time for pictures to load
Morning Glory
Radnorshire Mist
Pink Sunset
Ice coated Holly

As late afternoon approached there was another bonus to the day - a thick mist coated almost everything in ice - we had seen this about 5 years ago under almost identical condtions , the following photographs of various things completely cased in ice !!!! .These images will load as 800x600 when clicked on

Ice coated Tree
more snow art
Clearing the access road

Last week gave us some of the deepest snow drifts we have ever had in the last 6 years

This is the access road to the property - the shear face on the right is all of the previous nights snow

Meg and Wifey look on.

This picture taken on 21 st March

Snow art

Where the hedges have managed to save the roads some snow drift type art is on display

All photo's are thumbnails and can be clicked on

I thought this a little interesting - the arrow shapes are in snow only .Behind is just a straight post !!!!
Radnorshire spring

Below left is the picture I took last year which I call 'Radnorshire Mist' , the photograph below right is one which I took in exactly the same place this week on my journey to work.

This time the frost has given another dimension to the picture...each picture is a thumbnail so click on them to view larger.

This is my second update this week which makes for a longer than usual page so please be patient for the pictures to load.I start with a photo taken from the A438 looking towards the Black Mountains.The mountains are shrouded in Orographic cloud , but thats not the only story , the apparent lower mist originating from the right hand side of the picture is actually smoke from one of the many Pyres that are now dominating parts of the countryside......
Road blocked by drifting


And so on a familiar story all along the lane - I thought this shot shows how the snow has blown off the fields into the road .On the road it is up to 3 ft deep in places !!!

Ice Coated Fence
Ice coated Fence and Tree
Orographic cloud on Black Mountains
Fern by red sunrise

Click on the Picture to the left for a 1024x768 higher resolution picture If you right click on the fully scrolled picture you can select "set as wallpaper - if required.


This from Tuesday morning with mist on the Hills as I left home with an intense red sunrise colouring the Fern - and also giving some pink snow patches !

Multicoloured sunrise


The sunrise - or rather just before - got me out into the garden pretty early to take this shot from this morning ( Mon ) But if you just place the mouse arrow over the picture you will see why I went out again about 15 minutes later.Click on the image to see a larger version......

High level cloud



And this was the result about half an hour later with plenty of high level cloud about.