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Weatherpictures is almost one year old now having started during the early weeks of December 1999 .Many early morning walks with Meg have been completed since then producing a multitude of Photographs most never making it to the webpage.We have received many emails and I try to reply to all - even the ever increasing ones for Meg from her canine admirers ! I can't repeat what the Wife said when I announced that Meg and I were going to run a website .For those wondering Meg is a Six year old Border Collie , My faithful shadow whilst walking the Hills here in Powys Wales.I have recently updated the "Team" icon above with some more recent photo's.Also there is a new sunset collection.I shall be updating and changing the website over the coming weeks so call back again.Weatherpictures front page is updated with new pictures at least once a week.

Ian ( + Meg ) Nov 29/00

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Sunday's walk took us atop of the llanbedr hills where streams and waterfalls are appearing in all sorts of new places after all the rain we have had it just feels like it has rained all year.In fact.........

I took the one below to show how the colours have stayed so vivid so late in the year - probably due to the lack of hard frosts

These sunrise photos taken last thursday morning , the low cloud produced some striking contrasts
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Weatherpictures is located near the Powys Village of Painscastle Wales .Photographs are also taken in the adjoining areas of Clyro , Llandrindod wells , Builth wells , Brecon .If you require specific info on any photo please E mail