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Weatherpictures is located near the Powys Village of Painscastle Wales .Photographs are also taken in the adjoining areas of Clyro , Llandrindod Wells , Builth Wells &Brecon If you require specific info on any photo please E mail

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Well it's Boxing day afternoon as I update with some pictures from the last few days.I guess the expression is that we had a half white xmas here at Llewetrog with the roof and cars getting a coating and all but the hilltops remaining green - although the story today was very different with a hard frost.
This is the view directly NE of our house with the snow line very evident.All of this had fallen on xmas eve - day and night . I was amazed any settled considering how wet the ground is !

One thing which has been pretty constant is the North easterly wind which had frozen a line of snow on any surface facing it.

All photo's on this page can be clicked on to view larger !!

On Xmas day we took the hill road over to Llandrindod Wells which is my original home town - as it turned out a slow journey - this stretch of downhill road being frozen solid - once you were out of the wind exposure you were back to a safer wet road , this sudden change of road conditions is commonplace here at this time of year and to be well respected !!
All through the latter part of the year I have been harping on about the way the Hills here have kept their range of colours well the fall of light snow just added another one to it and has made a welcome change from the soaking wet conditions we have all put up with - despite the drop in Temp. These are the Llanbedr Hills and have usually had their fair share of snow by this time of year.

And finally I shall end this update wishing all a Happy New year and leave you with a photograph taken from December last year after a good snow fall with Meg and her friend Shep......and the Wife standing on the trig point....says it all I suppose.

Have a good one !

Ian ( and Meg )