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The previous nights onslaught of high winds had also taken it's toll on the landscape this was one of many 'new falls' I had noticed that morning
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Weatherpictures is located near the Powys Village of Painscastle Wales .Photographs are also taken in the adjoining areas of Clyro , Llandrindod wells , Builth wells , Brecon .If you require specific info on any photo please E mail

It will come of no suprise to anyone in the U.K. what the majority of this weeks pictures are of as the already saturated ground gets another helping of heavy rain !

I think this about sums it up

What's that about 'ringing wet'

This is taken from the Main Brecon to willersley road - my way to work this is normally all field without a river in sight

This is the Junction going over the Clifford toll bridge - I bottled this one as there were three cars on the side of the road which had failed , only buses and lorries getting through - The inside of my car had already had a soaking this day !


Well finally for those tired of the rain , I think I speak for many , here are some 'other pictures' from this week

Ian (+ Meg )

Builth Wells , Powys
My travels onTUESDAY 12 th took me through ROSS -ON-WYE where the River in flood in it's full expanse could be done no justice by the camera lens , though some of the locals were enjoying the extra playground. - swanning around !
Ross -on -Wye again looking down one of the Streets
Below flooding pictures from previous days in Powys / Herefordshire
It's wednesday evening as I update and put this piccy from today - one of the many CB9 clouds that were flexing their mustles with gusty winds and torrential downpours - a slightly chillier feel than of previous weeks here in the U.K.
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