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Weatherpictures is located near the Powys Village of Painscastle Wales .Photographs are also taken in the adjoining areas of Clyro , Llandrindod Wells , Builth Wells &Brecon If you require specific info on any photo please E mail

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As I sit here updating with this weeks photo's I am looking out of the window at what has become an 'all-too-familiar' view of high winds and horizontal rain.Well not being put off Meg and I did venture out for a walk on the higher climbs here in Mid Wales this very morning and although Meg thoroughly enjoyed herself it felt more like a photo shoot for a Gortex coat manufacturer for me - well it puts our hot summer day walks into perspective I suppose
This view taken as we headed back for home - on a clear day we would be looking out over the village of Painscastle - and on a dry day we wouldn't have got so wet !!!!! Some of the grass has now started turning a pale yellow colour with all the water it has had to put up with over the past few months.

This week has marked a point where the ever earlier sunrise time makes it possible for me to photograph them.


This foggy morning from earlier last week near Erwood , Powys.

With taking many sunrise / sunset photo's you hope that you can capture as many different colour themes as possible.This sunrise from Wednesday morning may have got my shoes slightly damp but gave me a slightly different one for my collection.
Wednesday turned out to be a bit of a bonus day as I caught this one just outside Hay-on-Wye . The setting sun had just caught the underneath of the cloud forms - two minutes later it had all gone.
This was taken from earlier on the same night with the wavecloud behind the trees

They say every photograph has a certain memory for the person that has taken it - well I share mine with you on this one.Picture a remote welsh lane at 07:15 am on a frosty morning lying face down on the road with your car behind you so as you can get the full tree with the coloured sky behind in the picture !!!!!!

From friday morning another bonus - a sun pillar display which lasted for over half an hour giving a multitude of colour casts .

And to end this week some past favourites starting with my choice of the whole of last year taken from the bottom of the garden with that tree again....I call this one MORNING GLORY
Another favourite is from one of the hotter sundays we had - 10 september '00
And finally a SUNDOG from late november - look for the rainbow spot on the middle left of the picture - this occurs at both sides of the sun as you look at it

I have included some links relative to any placenames or useful info - hope this is of some help

Ian ( and Meg )