Well I suppose "The Team " is really Myself and Meg. We cover many miles of walking here in the Higher regions of the Radnorshire Hills of Mid Wales.Photography has always been a hobby of mine and the opportunities to catch

weatherpictures of all sorts are plentifull ! Using Digital Photography also gives you a time bonus over the old "spending hours in the darkroom " syndrome - enjoyed it at the time , but you will never go back !!The first eight months of Weatherpictures were taken using an Epson 750 z Camera , I have since upgraded to a Nikon 990 with very satisfactory results .I was never really into computers I am a Technician of the Radio type by trade and it wasn't until I discovered

an actual use for them that that I took any interest at all - in fact I was very anti - PC's until I suddenly realised my young Neices knew more about them than me so I had to acquire some basic knowledge if only to keep the peace - and on the subject of keeping the peace it was the early morning and late evening walking routine which


a certain Collie Dog has got used to which gave me the opportunity to take the photographs - it's practically a routine now as she knows all the prime vantage points getting there ahead of me and waiting - I expect she'll be giving me advice on what manual settings to use for the camera soon .We live relatively high up for the uk - our house is located at about 1200 feet above sea level giving
a totally different range of weather extremes than we had been used to before with our fair share of high winds . We are also above that magic 1000ft snow line and have spent many days in previous years unable to any form of motor transport out !
of course this didn't bother Meg as she was going to benefit from more walks though she didn't really know what to make of the snow the first time - I had thrown a ball for her which had landed in a deep snow drift - and I mean deep !- suffice is to say the end result was a round entry hole and an unhappy Collie once she did eventually re-appear.Mind you needless to say it never put her off.
The funny thing thing with snow that no matter how old you are its still the one weather activity that we all hope for that is unless you have to drive in it ! and everybody hates that slushy end as it slowly turns back to the water it was formed from.As I write this I wonder how the last month here in the UK would have been with a colder airstream and as we seem to be breaking the weather recording records on a regular basis is snow going to get it's turn???More photo opportunities !
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So as 2000 draws to a very damp finish I shall be updating weatherpictures to reflect the year that has been with some new style galleries like this one HERE .In the mean time I will leave you with a picture taken from December '99 plus a little magic !!!

Ian ( and Meg) Nov '00